Becca Wineka is a Certified Touch For Health practitioner and holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, and a Master of Arts in Education. She brings 18 years of professional experience to SHiFT in working with adolescents, adults, and families as an educator, coach, and psychotherapist. Becca has an intuitive and profound gift to create a healing connection. Her clients’ find that she has a keen ability to demystify and unlock the blockages in their lives in a co-creative relationship, and subsequently, freedom flows.

Becca went through the protocol at SHiFT after hearing testimony from a friend, and was immediately drawn to the work and began pursuing a parallel professional career in energetic kinesiology. The results of going through the protocol for Becca were profound and marked by personal clarity, motivation in moving towards goals, recovering hope, and being able to breathe again literally and metaphorically.


       In working with Becca, you will be cared for in a non-judgmental, warm, and authentic relationship as you walk the path of your healing journey. Her training, background, and personality lend towards an experience that is safe, compassionate, and gentle. You will become more attuned to your whole being throughout the process of energetic kinesiology and be drawn into the reality of who you truly are, perhaps for the first time, in a kind and connected way.


In her spare time, Becca enjoys running the trails of our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking, fly-fishing, camping, landscape photography, and visiting with friends and families near and far. And being an auntie is her favorite!