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Kelly Hanson of Ms. Kelly’s Classroom has been teaching, tutoring and nurturing area kids for over 16 years. Her slogan is “ Inspired Academics + Creativity = Excited, Happy Students!” Trained in Orton Gillingham, Ms. Kelly has even developed a reputation for helping children dealing with extra challenges like dyslexia, ADHD, and other specific learning disabilities. Ms. Kelly is able to transform struggling students into life-long learners! One of the tools she uses to accomplish this learning improvement is brain integration.

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Ms Kelly and inspired academics in action.

“Often times I will have children tell me they can’t hold a piece of information. And I will talk to them about how their brain is a filing cabinet. And so you can learn something but you need to be able to put it in the filing cabinet and then be able to pull it out later when they need it… I have noticed, after SHiFT, that they have more of an ability to hold on to that information and then be able to pull it out when they need it.” — Kelly Hanson

Ms. Kelly began recommending brain integration after she observed one of her students going through the protocol. The results were immediate and obvious. Her student was able to retain knowledge, had better focus and had improved self-confidence. Brain Integration is not just for learners struggling with ADHD or other specific learning disabilities. It works for all students.

SHiFT improves learning for almost all students, all ages.

SHiFT can help all learners, of all ages. Brain integration is all about removing blocks and neurological stressors. Think of your brain as a flowing stream. These blocks are like boulders and rocks, slowing the flow of the stream. Some are big like ADHD others are smaller like poor memory or low self-confidence. When these blocks are removed, the stream flows better, the brain works better. Best of all, brain integration can work for almost everybody. As Ms. Kelly says in her video, “It is an alternative, non-invasive, type of therapy for children and adults that need some extra boost to help them academically or emotionally.”

Watch Ms. Kelly talk about SHiFT in her own words: