SHiFT Brain Integration can change your life, in more ways than one.

Brain Integration is powerful and life-changing, we know that. But it could also be the career change you have been looking for.
All of the practitioners at SHiFT got into the field of Brain Integration after either watching a loved-one be transformed or experiencing the profound effects of SHiFT first hand.
When something can impact your life so positively, you can’t help but want to share it with the world.

Become a Brain Integration practitioner!

ShiFT Brain Integration and other forms of Energy Kinesiology are still relatively new and emerging in the United States. It’s a growing career field, and you won’t find the marketplace overly saturated as would with some holistic health practices. Brain Integration has helped people deal with ADHD, ADD and other specific learning differences. We’ve made incredible progress in alleviating the symptoms of these issues. But now, with advances in neuroscience and gene mapping, we are learning to help with more than just learning differences! Everyday Energetic Kinesiologists are helping people deal with adrenal burnout, allergies estrogen dominance and more. You could be part of establishing this modality as a leader in holistic health care. SHiFT Brain Integration can easily stand on its own or serve as a compliment to massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling, chiropractic or other practices. The possibilities for expanding an existing practice are endless!

Let’s talk about the practicalities of being an Energetic Kinesiologist. In this field you can pretty much set your own hours. You won’t need a lot of expensive equiptment or massive amounts of space or resources. You will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people and issues. Most importantly, you will help people improve their lives!

So where to start?

You can start with this 8 day class, the Principles of Kinesiology 1-4. This class will teach you all about the theory of human energetic anatomy and how to access it. It will teach you how muscle testing works, how meridians and chakras are connected to the muscles and organs. You will learn about pause-lock and circuit retaining as well as stress response in the body. What makes this course especially useful is that it was created to prepare new practitioners with the theory and techniques to support more complex study including advanced Neuroenergetic Kinesiology classes and the SIPS program. This class will be the foundation of your career in Energy Kinesiology. Mastering these skills will allow to branch out into other areas of Energy Kinesiology.


So if you want a new and exciting career in a field that is dynamic and growing, this is your chance!

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