We here at SHiFT believe in the power of community and in practicing gratitude.   So it is only natural we announce the kick off of what we are calling ‘Clinic Days.’

Every other month (or so) the entire SHiFT team will partner up with a local agency or non-profit in the WNC community and provide our services free of charge.   Our goal is to serve those people who might not otherwise have access to the SHiFT protocol, Brain Integration or Brain Health Coaching.    It’s not just our seasoned staff helping out during clinic days.   Students going through our training programs are able to acquire real-world experience in a variety of situations.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved!


Our inaugural Clinic Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at Arms Around ASD.


SHiFT has been a corporate sponsor of AAASD for two years.  We are thrilled to be able to now offer our hands-on support as well.  Arms Around ASD is a local non-profit that offers free and low-cost therapies and supports to people on the Autism spectrum, their families, and caregivers.   Located on Charlotte Street in North Asheville, the Arms Around ASD offices serves as a hub for autistic individuals and their families.

Did you know that special-needs parents experience similar stress as combat soldiers?

Services for autistic individuals include counseling, talk therapy, social skill groups etc. And then there are the supports for the family.   One 2009 study reported that moms of autistic children experience as much stress and PTSD as combat soldiers.   Services to help families and caregivers include massage therapy, Zumba, Qi Gong, yoga, sound healing, and more.  These are time-honored services that help with executive function and stress management but aren’t usually covered by traditional insurances.   Arms Around ASD coordinates with volunteers and local providers to bring these services to families regardless of age, ability or income.   We’re honored to be able to add Energetic Kinesiology to that list.   We will be able to offer balances to alleviate some stress, help with anxiety and maybe even work with some food issues!  Robin Schuh,  our Master Brain Health Coach will be on hand to offer tools for stress management and ANT Therapy.

We are excited, honored and especially grateful to offer these new services to a community that has given us so much!


UPDATE:   All spots for are FILLED!   It will be a full house and we are thrilled!