Donna loves us – which is good because we love Donna!



Donna Tritt is a powerhouse local businesswoman and a kind, caring soul.   She works as an account rep for a local cable company.  Her quick wit and infectious laugh inspires clients and endears friends.   Born and raised in Florida, Donna moved to the mountains a few years ago to experience four seasons for the first time in her life.   Donna chose SHiFT to just help a bit with her memory and overall health.


“It’s not been one great ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment.  Rather it’s been a lot of little moments, little things, and recognizing the change.   They all add up to one great big ‘Ah-ha’ for me.”


Donna has loved her experience with Brain Health Coaching especially.   Robin Schuh,  SHiFT Brain Health Coach, has worked with Donna on improving memory and moving towards better life balance.   Donna says “Robin helps me remember things that I already know.   I know ways to help myself, I just haven’t implemented them ever.  Robin helps me do that, she helps me apply what I know.”  And that is common for many of us.  We know what we should do, we know the changes we should be making.  Brain health coaching helps us move from knowledge into action.


“SHiFT is a non-judgemental, loving environment.   Just the energy of the place will affect you in some way.”  – Donna Tritt


It’s been a pleasure working with Ms. Tritt.  We love that you love us, Miss Donna, and know that the team here at SHiFT loves you too!