Audrey has dyslexia.   She struggled in reading, writing, and math.   It’s no surprise that SHiFT and Brain Integration were able to help Audrey overcome these learning issues.   The surprise was in the other ways Audrey was able to change.



Audrey, like so many other kids with similar challenges, would get frustrated with her learning differences.   That frustration would turn to anger and the anger would show up in bad behaviors.   It was a situation that is all too common.

“I feel way more in control of my actions.” – Audrey upon completion of Brain Integration.

Her mother Ashley first noticed the changes while Audrey was still going through Brain Integration.  As she says in the video, Audrey was able to handle the situation in front of her.  She would still get upset, but now Audrey was able to stop and regain her composure.  Ashley could actually see her daughter redirect herself.  “It was almost like her brain realized ‘oh we’re not going in that loop again!.'”


SHiFT Brain Integration can help remove the stress and blocks associated learning differences.   The new pathways that develop will help lead to new behaviors too.  And all of this together leads to new confidence in many of our clients.