Our clients come from all walks of life with different challenges, different goals. Brain Integration is a personal experience, able to be tailored to each individual’s need.

Matt’s son struggled in school. He knew the subjects, he knew the work, he just couldn’t seem to produce in the classroom setting. Brain Integration helped him realize his potential. As Matt says, “That’s the beauty of what Laura does, she helps remove the roadblocks so that the real essence of your child, or yourself, can come out.”

Glenn is a successful businessman who was looking for help with attention issues. He is gregarious and outgoing but struggled with issues with memory and focus. “After starting the sessions with SHiFT it didn’t take long for me to notice a difference. There were some things that I immediately noticed. I had better focus at work. I wasn’t forgetting things as much. But even longer, over time, I felt for lack of a better term, that my brain opened.”

Audrey has dyslexia. Reading, writing, spelling was all a challenge. As Audrey says “Reading, it was really hard. I’d be reading, and then I would lose my place. Like, I would be reading then I would be like ‘where am I?'” Brain Integration was able to help with the stress of that specific learning disability and lessen the frustrations in the school and the family.