The journey to becoming a Brain Integration practitioner began with my youngest daughter Ella.

When Ella was in second grade, she found herself falling behind in school and although we were working closely with her teachers, she was still having extreme difficulties in spelling and writing. Her self-esteem began to decline and homework was becoming a nightly battle. I found myself frustrated with her and repeatedly asking her to focus. Fearing she might be dyslexic, we decided to have her tested for learning disabilities to see if she needed additional help in the classroom.

Unfortunately, the school was unable to offer any additional services based on a conclusion that Ella had an extremely high IQ and was functioning “on or around” grade level. A close friend who is a therapist heard these results and advised us to do something, knowing that this situation often develops into behavioral problems as these children are often misunderstood as unfocused and lazy.

It was the understanding that a specific learning disability (SLD), or even ADD/ADHD, isn’t about a lack of trying, but a matter of a lack of access that led me to the Learning Improvement Center and Wes Beach. In our very first meeting, Wes was able to put or minds at ease and tell us exactly what was going on for Ella and how he would be able to help. We were ecstatic. It just happened to be that at the same time, I was looking for a change in careers. I knew I wanted to do something that had purpose and meaning but I had not been able to figure it out up to that point. While Ella was going through her sessions I was fascinated at the changes I was seeing in her. I found myself researching what it would take to become a practitioner myself.

After a vigorous schedule of training and classes in multiple mediums of Energetic Kinesiology, I bought the business from Wes, who just so happened to be moving to Florida.  I started that fall and have been helping families to recover from the effects of ADD,/ADHD, and all types of lifestyle disabilities since.

I believe that these difficulties are misinterpreted as learning disabilities. I believe they are lifestyle disabilities. They wreak havoc on families, relationships, self-esteem and much more. With  Brain Integration, I am able to help families get back a life they might not have had without it. I see families reconnect and children and adults move forward with confidence and joy.




Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing in yours as well.

Laura Cardwell, Energetic Kinesiologist