Leslie Fay started her life believing that puppies always came by the dozen.

Her grandfather raised and trained working dogs, so springtime meant lying in the grass surrounded by wet noses and tiny paws. Lots of them!

When Leslie Fay moved to Asheville, she ran her own landscape design business. Believing in change and the challenge from which it grows, she decided to move into working with finances. She is proud to be the only person who passed the CFP exam with mulch in the cuff of her pants! She spent 10 years helping others navigate their financial landscapes, and as a banking manager she always felt that encouraging and supporting her clients was the central core of her work experience. Leslie’s decision to join SHiFT represents a deepening commitment to helping people thrive.


Now, as a certified Energetic Kinesiologist at SHiFT, Leslie gets to blend her Compassion with Curiosity, and throw a good dose of Faith in the mix. She never forgets that a healthy structure produces tremendous possibilities, and she believes in her clients absolutely.


You can find Leslie in beautiful West Asheville.  Her office is a spot of serenity in the heart of a vibrant community.

SHiFT West Asheville is a tranquil oasis in the vibrant heart of growing enclave.

Leslie loves exploring. And she still loves puppies.