Eric G is an educator here in Asheville.   He juggles a full personal and professional life.   He came to SHiFT just for a boost in mental acuity and help with anxiety.  He’s been thrilled with his results.


Doug Hutchman, SHiFT Brain Integration Practitioner


I came to SHiFT seeking clarity with decision making and support for anxiety. Doug Hutchman carefully listened to understand what I was seeking and was able to develop a path forward, beginning immediately with centering protocols. I left that first visit and each subsequent visit feeling more centered and less anxious – exactly as I had hoped. Probably because of his years of working with adolescents in schools, Doug clearly explained each protocol’s process and expected results, and followed- up each week so we could evaluate the work and adjust the plan accordingly. I looked forward to each visit to continue this work.

Now, to be fair, part of why I looked forward to each visit was because I so thoroughly enjoyed talking with Doug. He is kind, nonjudgmental, and very funny. Laughter always helps. Also, his experience as a counselor was evident in his listening and in his compassionate responses. He sincerely wants the best for everyone and that is evident in everything he does. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience with Doug Hutchman and with SHiFT Asheville!”   – Eric G, Asheville NC