SHiFT Brain Integration changed Ella’s life. She used to hate reading, she used to struggle in school. Her mother would tell her to do her reading homework and Ella would flat out refuse. Learning was just difficult for Ella. Then her mother found brain integration and everything changed. As Ella says in her video, the change was good.

The change was good.

Ella was the first to notice the difference brain integration made. She felt better. Reading became easier and she started to actually enjoy it. If you ask her now, Ella considers reading one of her favorite hobbies. She is better able to focus and her comprehension and memory have both improved significantly.

It wasn’t just Ella’s academics that saw improvement. She used to be clumsy, and drop things or run into walls. After brain integration, Ella became more aware of the world around her. Her attitude changed as well. She also started doing her chores (mostly) without being asked. She was making her bed, cleaning her room, cleaning up after her pet bunny. Ella’s world shifted. She was still the same kid, just better.

Listen to Ella share her story:

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