Neuroenergetic Kinesiology      Principles of Kinesiology 1-4

SHiFT is excited to host this fundamental 8-day course that will lay the foundation for your career in energetic kinesiology. You will learn all about the theories of human energetic anatomy and how it can be accessed, how muscle testing works, and how meridians and chakras are connected to muscles, emotions and organs. What makes this course especially useful is that it was created after the development of more complex courses, specifically to prepare new practitioners with the theory and techniques to support more complex study, including advanced Neuroenergetic Kinesiology classes and the SIPS program.

Prerequisites: NONE

You will learn and have working proficiencies in:
  • Yin/Yang theory in Chinese medicine, 5 Element theory, and vital substances.
  • Basic Energetic anatomy.
  • Stress response in the body, spanning simple stresses, over-facilitations (OF) and under-facilitations (UF.)
  • Understanding of over-energetic and under-energetic states.
  • Understanding of muscle monitoring for 20 different muscles, including how and why it works.
  • Basic finger mode and proper usage in energy kinesiology.
  • Pause lock (circuit retaining mode) and the proper way to use it.
  • Session structure and prechecks.
  • Muscle monitoring for 20 different muscles
  • Multiple muscle corrections including neurolymphatic (NL) and neurovascular (NV) reflexes, meridian tonification and sedation points, neuro-emotional points, spinal reflex points, origin and insertion points and others.
  • Also included is a reactive muscle procedure

This is one of the few introductory courses that includes the 8 extraordinary meridians, divergent channels, connecting channels and muscle meridians. This more extensive understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts deepens the beginner students’ knowledge and appreciation of the origins and development of energy kinesiology.

When: June 3 -11, with June 7 off.

Where: Asheville, NC

Cost: $1400 if you register before April 1st, $1500 if you register after.   Registration closes May 15.

Instructor: Doug Akerman of Meridian 180.

For details, contact: 828.216.4444 or or

Download the NEKflyer here.