Do you love Brain Integration so much that you need to share it with your friends and family?  (Yes, of course, you do!)

Well, now you can refer a friend and get a $25 credit to your account whenever your friend signs up for a Brain Integration package.



It’s a simple program with some nice rewards.   We’ll give you 5 of these cards   You fill your name in and then pass them out to people you think we can help.   A good referral for us would be a person with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia or other learning differences.   We also can help who want less stress, anxiety, and depression or people who want to be more efficient or organized.   Students who need better reading comprehension and retention or business owners or entrepreneurs who want that edge over the competition also benefit from BIT.   Your friend brings the card in when they book with us.   Easy!

Your friend gets a positive change in their life, and you get a nice credit to your account, we get to introduce another person to the amazing work of Brain Integration.   It’s a win-win all around.

Ask your practitioner for the cards or stop by the front desk at your next appointment.