For SHiFT client Chad E. it’s yummy and delicious shrimp!

It’s been years since Chad had eaten shrimp, at least willingly eaten them.   Shrimp and almonds, poor Chad had to avoid both.  His almond and shrimp allergy kept him from enjoying these foods he really used to love.


Until Chad came to SHiFT.


Doug was able to balance Chad for almonds and shrimp.   It’s a simple procedure, non-invasive and drug-free.   In most cases, can be completed in under 90 minutes.  SHiFT practitioners destress the frequency of the allergy, aiming to create homeostasis in the body, eliminating the bodies’ need to react to the irritant.   And right now Allergy Balances are on sale for $99.

Here is Chad in his own words:

“Just wanted to let you know that after our session I went ahead and started eating almonds again. Started with half an almond, and 30 almonds later they were still as good as ever – even have a bag on my desk now. Later that evening I made shrimp stir-fry. Although my wife was adamant about me having Benadryl close by, I would not since I did not want to have any doubts in my head. I have now had shrimp for two meals this week. First time I have eaten shrimp (intentionally) in 24 years. I would say you guys are doing some very interesting and amazing things at Shift and I certainly appreciated my first visit and look forward to learning more about Brain Integration.”


Oh yum! oh yum!


Here’s one of my favorite recipes, Chad.  We hope you enjoy it!