What’s for dinner?
For SHiFT client Chad E. it’s yummy and delicious shrimp! It’s been years since Chad had eaten shrimp, at least willingly eaten them.   Shrimp and almonds, poor Chad had to avoid both.  His almond and shrimp allergy kept him from enjoying these foods he really used to love.   Until Chad came to SHiFT.   Doug...
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Did you hear the good buzz?
Did you hear the good buzz? We received this fab text from one of our clients who just last month sent her partner Tom in for an allergy balance.   “Hey Laura, passing along some good press for you and your team. Tom got stung by 6 yellowjackets yesterday and his only reaction was some...
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More centered and less anxious…
Eric G is an educator here in Asheville.   He juggles a full personal and professional life.   He came to SHiFT just for a boost in mental acuity and help with anxiety.  He’s been thrilled with his results.     “I came to SHiFT seeking clarity with decision making and support for anxiety. Doug Hutchman carefully...
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Clients in their own words...
Laura has a gift of healing that I have directly experienced that is unique and powerful. She takes the modality of Brain Integration Therapy (BIT) and catalyzes it with a level of heartful caring and intuitional insight that I have rarely experienced in my 35 years of alternative healing work. My nervous system functions in an entirely different and improved way as a result of my sessions with her. Experience her work for yourself, it will be one of the powerful things you ever do for yourself.
Dr. David Camhi
The biggest changes I have noticed have been:
Reading with greater ease and remembering what I have read. I used to only read a few pages before bed, one night since I read an entire book in 2 hours. Greater balance that has helped me in yoga and sports. I have greater focus, time management, and less procrastination. Greater organization and motivation towards goals, I actually have goals written on the wall now! This is not just for kids, this therapy is a game changer for some and a great enhancer of skills for others. I highly recommend this work to all!
Patton Cardwell
Ms. Cardwell patiently and effectively worked with my, 4th grader who was very engaged, but was becoming frustrated with school. Her end of year test scores went from barely passing to passing in the advanced category for language and 2 points away from passing advanced in math! My daughter continues to use the strategies suggested to improve her learning. Not that grades always show how well a student knows anything, but my daughter does have an A in math now!
Patrice Ludwig