Let’s talk about the concept of abundance.


Do you have enough?   Do worry about having enough money?  Time?  Energy?  Support?


Do you feel like you are always chasing something but not quite catching it?


What if one of the biggest obstacles to you reaching that ever-elusive state of abundance is yourself?


Human beings self-sabotage.  We might not mean to, we probably don’t want to, but we often are the biggest hindrance to reaching our goals.     We can help you change that.

Join us for a half-day workshop exploring the mechanisms of self-sabotage, the concept of abundance and ways that you can manifest what you need.  The workshop will be lead by SHiFT founder Laura Cardwell.   In it, we will explore the unconscious belief systems that may be affecting the ability to attract abundance in all areas of your life. We will discuss how the limbic areas of the brain function and how these areas could be limiting the realization of your full potential! Cost is $175 per person This includes a one-hour session of brain integration in the following weeks to help alleviate these subconscious disruptions and help you SHiFT into focus!


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